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We are the experts’ expert.

Specializing in jumbo insurance policies, Boulevard Insurance Strategies is the go-to insurance planning partner for top advisors, attorneys, accounting firms, and family offices serving the ultra-wealthy. Building on our extensive experience in this space, we have pioneered the strategic use of bespoke insurance solutions as an additional asset class, seeking to help your clients reduce tax inefficiencies, magnify the growth of their portfolios, and pass on an intact legacy to their heirs and beneficiaries.

Work with a team that understands the complexities of this elite market.

Crafting large-scale insurance solutions requires a deep commitment to transparency, independence and objectivity, as well as substantial expertise in a multitude of disciplines, including estate planning, ultra high net worth investments, complex taxation issues, and the coordination of tax and legal teams. Over the years, the team at Boulevard Insurance Strategies has built a reputation as trusted partners in the industry, and established a network of deep relationships that enable us to advocate for the best solution for each client.

Access a comprehensive range of fully customized solutions.

We offer comprehensive private placement life insurance IDF and SMA selection, implementation, and customization services, as well as objective review of insurance portfolios and carriers. Our team is constantly seeking opportunities to customize and enhance insurance portfolios through term-to-permanent conversions, 1035 exchanges and other techniques. A cornerstone of the offering is ongoing review, actively monitoring the policies to ensure that it continues to serve your clients’ needs throughout your relationship with them.

Open new paths to growth for your firm.

An economic relationship with Boulevard can activate significant new revenue streams for your firm. It can also help you fully capitalize on high-level talent you may have acquired from private banks and other leading financial organizations, broadening your offering to meet more of your clients’ needs.

Boulevard Insurance Strategies lets you offer lower costs, better terms and a wider selection of options to your clients—while giving you new opportunities to grow your business.

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